I have an interest in photobooks that have been published with an overt (or not so overt) political agenda and this blog has been created so that I can share my collection with you. The apparent realism of photography makes it an ideal medium for propaganda purposes and by incorporating subtle and not-so subtle photographs into a book it is possible to produce a seductive, often utopian, vision that seems to validate whatever message or point of view is being presented to the reader.

I should say very clearly that I do not support any of the organisations/ideologies that have published these books. All views expressed are my own.

This is not, nor does it claim to be, an academic blog.

I write this blog because I find the subject interesting and it is completely based upon my subjective reading of the books reviewed. Links and quotes are added at my own discretion. For ease of reading I do not use footnotes, but much of the secondary reference material used can be found through simple internet searches and by using your common sense.

Emails always appreciated: propagandaphotosblog@gmail.com


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  1. A very interesting blog. I appreciate propaganda photobook and I also have an considerable collection ( if you need some help or pictures: Italian, Third Reich, some Stalinist, ex DDR etc ). I’m looking for Niko Xhufka’s Ritme të jetës shqiptare : fotografi artistike = Rhythms of Albanian life : Rythmes de la vie albanaise. Could you help me to find it? I’d really appreciate this, if possible.

  2. Thanks Martin
    I’ve already found a copy of Ritme të jetës and, even, a copy of Arbereshet e Italise = Gli Italo-Albanesi by Xhufka. I’m very interested in Albanian propaganda photobooks. At the moment, there are in my collection:
    * Shqiperia socialiste marshon,
    * Për popullin, me popullin,
    * 25 Vjet Ushtri Popullore
    * 35 Vjet Shqiperi socialiste,
    * 40 Vjet Shqiperi socialiste,
    * Ushtria Jone popullore,
    * Me popullin mes shokeve, trade and deluxe edition
    * The national liberation struggle of the Albanian people,
    * Udheheqes. I dashur e i shtrenjte i partise e i popullit tone,
    * Agriculture in the People’s Republic of Albania
    * Ritme të jetës shqiptare : fotografi artistike by Niko Xhufka
    * Shtepia Muze e Partize
    * Poem for albanian Women by Petrit Kumi
    * La Femme albanaise dans la voie du socialisme
    * Klasiket e Marksizem – Leninizmit
    * Enver Hoxha
    * Gju më gju me popullin
    * Stalini në Fotografi and Lenini në Fotografi, both published in Prague by Orbis in 1951
    and some more, modern, photobooks. If you know other interested books, please, Martin, let me know. Best wishes from Italy

    1. Hi Martin!

      This is a great list. Do any of those relate to the bunkers in Albania? I am trying to collect any propaganda material related to construction of bunkers while Hoxha was in power. I’d love any tips or advice you have.


    1. Thanks Martin, very much. I have the french version, La Femme albanaise dans la voie du socialisme, a great photobook. Please, let me know if you meet something new
      Best regards and thanks again


  3. Hi guys,
    Thanks for the comments and the discussion. That’s a great list of books!

    For completeness sake, allow me to add in the 1954 album: “Albania on the way to Socialism”. The cover is great and its an early publication where Hoxha hasn’t yet been elevated to divine status.

    1. Hi Ian, just found your blog, very interesting especially the one on the cold war. I wonder do you remember the BBC infomercial in the 80s “protect and survive” very creepy… Definitely a form of propaganda rolled out by the British government, to keep the public on edge ( also helps justifies the millions spent on the military no dough ) keep it up Graham.

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